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Criminal law

Don’t gamble with your future by doing it alone. An accusation can have lifelong consequences. In court cases, every minute is important because as the case goes on, the balance turns against the accused. Thus, it is essential that you have an ardent defence attorney from the beginning of the case. By informing your defence counsel early on the case, a solid defence could be better prepared.


Family law

Your children and financial future are far too important to do it yourself. When it comes to family law, doing it right the first time matters. In family law experience can make all the difference. In most instances, there are no “do-overs” as the court typically requires changed circumstances in order to amend an order while other orders may be final. Do it right, start with an experienced counsel from the beginning of your case. 

Litigation law

It is not uncommon for individuals or businesses to find themselves involved in a legal dispute with another party. In disputes of this nature, such as a breach of contract or personal injury matters obtaining the right advice is crucial in achieving a successful outcome. In litigation cases, it is important to retain an experienced counsel to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injury / damage sustained.

Property law

Property transactions and relationships are prone to complications and often require experienced counsel. Property owners, buyers / sellers, neighbors, tenants and family members sometimes find themselves at odds. Seemingly insignificant contracts or minor disputes can escalate into expensive and destructive legal conflicts. Even in the smallest case, effective representation is necessary.

Company law

Business disputes are inevitable and if not artfully navigated can result in financial loss, strained business relationships, adverse publicity and distraction from true business goals. To avoid these, effective representation is a must in day-to-day operations, contracts, agreements, business formation, establishing a presence, partner/shareholder disputes, contract disputes, business torts, and commercial real estate deals.


A Will is a document that states your final wishes.  Most commonly, people draft wills to give instructions about what should happen to their property after their death. Drafting a clear will can dissipate tension between family members regarding assets after death. Whether you are in need of a simple will, power of attorney or advice in probate matters, obtain advice in taking the steps necessary to give you peace of mind.

Employment law

Employment law encompasses all aspects of interactions in the workplace, including hiring, termination, employment agreements, non-compete clauses, medical leave, maternity leave, and severance agreements. Any of these matters may wind up in heated litigation, making it important for employers and employees to seek advice. Whether a business hires 1 employee or 100, there are a vast set of laws that employers need to comply with to avoid penalties and employment-related litigation.

Enforcement law

A judgment is a determination by a court of the rights and liabilities of the parties to a lawsuit, such as the amount of money one party owes to the other. A judgment is enforceable, meaning that it allows the party receiving the judgment in its favor to take action and enforce it against the other party. A judgement could be sought, for instance for payment of money, to perform a specific action or to refrain from a specific act. Creditors need assertive representation in matters of judgment enforcement and recovery, while there may be occasions where a judgment can be challenged successfully by a judgment debtor.